10 Tips to Motivate Yourself For a Workout


Every day might not feel as active and motivating as the other days and due to this your fitness goals often get compromised. Is being lazy coming your way to achieve your fitness goal? We have curated these 10 amazing  tips and tricks you can try out to simply motivate yourself and (literally) be on the run!

1. Pin up your goals

Write down your fitness goals on a list and why you want to achieve them. Your primary goal can be anything from fitting back into your favorite jeans to becoming fit and increasing your stamina. Also write down why you chose this goal and who motivates you to achieve them. Pin it up on a bulletin board in your workplace or stick it on your refrigerator door to be constantly reminded of scheduling your workout session. 

2. Find a buddy

When we see others working out, it reminds us of our goals and we somehow get inspired to start working towards them.reach out for support and find a like- minded buddy at the gym or the park and plan your workout schedule with them. Fix a time and plan to meet accordingly. It is easier to skip working out alone but leaving a friend waiting at the track can be difficult!

3. Don your workout clothes: 

Wear your favourite workout clothes or even sleep in them. It feels like it’s irrelevant to change if you have not done some workout in them. Invest in good quality workout wear to avoid rashes or other skin ailments due to the sweat. Try purchasing trendy outfits that make you look good hence, motivating you to wear them daily and spend more time in the gym. 

4. Have a workout playlist ready: 

Workout gets better with some killer songs playing while you lift some weights or head towards the treadmill. Create a playlist with fast beat music which will make you strive hard to achieve your daily workout goal. You can also choose a podcast you were waiting to listen to but didn’t have enough time. Listen to it while you are  working out and in this way you will not get bored or demotivated. 

5. Keep the alarm out of your easy reach: 

It is suggested to keep your alarm as far away as you can to avoid frequently snoozing it. This tactic will make you forcefully get up and get going. Also, avoid sleeping with the phone too close to you. This will save up extra minutes spent in the bed checking mails and social media accounts.

6. Jot them down: 

Write down your feelings after every workout session that you are coming from. On days with low motivation, reading these self- curated notes will help you feel motivated and inspired to feel like that again. 

7. Give yourself some variation: 

Avoid doing the same workout, at the same place every day. This can get monotonous and eventually, boring. Try out different kinds of workout each day. Even though you follow a fixed workout session, try adding in alternative exercises and small variations to make your session more challenging and fun. You can also try out dancing workouts or simply playing a sport with family and friends. 

8. Small acts matter: 

Implement small tasks for each day and try to achieve them. For example, change your habit of taking an elevator to work, instad, use stairs. Cut down sugar for a day or simply switch to eating a low carb diet for a week. Finally reward yourself after completing each task. But remember, your  reward should not be a burger meal or a candy basket. Instead, buy yourself a new book, get away on the weekend or simply treat yourself with a smoothie! 

9. Stick up the positivity: 

Surround yourself with positivity and motivation. Paste sticky notes in your room, car or at your workplace to keep you motivated and stress free. This will keep reminding you to constantly look after your physical as well as your mental health and not just you, but it will keep others motivated around you as well!

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10. Get some rest: 

Allow your body to cool down after every workout to avoid cramps and fatigue. Getting proper rest will keep you on your feet the next day as well. Remember not to over-exert as that will require a longer recovery period which will eventually disrupt your workout schedule. 

The Takeaway:

Finally, it is very important to look after yourself by eating healthy and staying hydrated in order to keep going as per your workout plans. Getting a proper 7-8 hour sleep is also necessary. Keep reminding yourself why you started and where you want to reach. Also, avoid the use of any kind of intoxication and doping which may cause side-effects. 

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