How Much Does it Cost to Start a School

Are you planning to start school? That is a great idea. Not only will you help children secure their future, but you will also reap benefits in your school business. Of course, it is no cakewalk to open a school. You can either open the school franchise or start an independent school. The choice will depend on the risk you are willing to take and the local education market. Whatever be your needs, Shri Educare will help you with the school management process.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a School
How Much Does it Cost to Start a School

Appropriate Guidance Is Needed at Each Step to Open a School

The main criterion when you plan to start school is definitely the cost factor. Starting a school franchise is easier and requires less cost than an independent school. But as always, an independent school also has its benefits, provided you are willing to work hard. Either way, it is better to take the services of a school consultant like Shri Educare. With them as your consultant partner, you can easily achieve your dreams to open a school and run it successfully.

The Cost Required to Start a School

Before you open a school, the foremost important task is to see if this business is feasible. You can conduct surveys and collect data from the local people about the requirements of a new school. Once you ideate to start a school and find it as a viable and feasible option; next comes your budgetary planning. You need to check the financial feasibility of the school against your budget. If it is a school franchise, you will need to talk with the franchisors regarding the investment and the requirements. Shri Educare will help you in every detail regarding the setting up of a school in your area.

Start with the Costs Involved

Yes, when you plan to open a school, you start with the cost requirements.

  1. Cost of the Land: How big will your school be? You will also have to take the future expansion plans into consideration when deciding the cost and size of the land.
  2. The infrastructure of the School: Are you going to start a school in a big building? If yes, what is the building cost of the school? There is a huge amount of detailing involved when you plan for the infrastructure.
  3. Facilities at the School: Building a school is half a task completed. Next is the facility at the school. If you are opting for a school franchise, they will have their requirements galore. Of course, they will already give you an idea about the cost involved.
  4. Registration: Clearances, permissions, No Objection certificates, documents, and licenses- the list is never-ending. Be it a school franchise or an independent school, the documents to be submitted and the permissions required will exhaust you physically and mentally.
  5. Marketing: You require money to propagate about the school. If people are to know about your school, you have to effectively reach out to them and this is all through marketing.
  6. Staff Management: Your school will require faculty and the non-teaching staff. This requires investment in huge amounts. Quality teachers and staff mean that you need more money.

All the points listed above are important. Effective management of all these requires expert hands and what better than Shri Educare? Right from the school set up to the marketing support, Shri Educare will be completely immersed in keeping things moving in the right direction with positive outcomes.

Keep in Mind the Recurring Expenses When You Open a School

Starting a school requires humongous planning in every step. There are many cost factors that need due consideration. If you leave aside the main costs, there are still miscellaneous costs that are necessary to maintain the running of the school. Some of the recurring expenses are-

  • Electricity bills
  • Salaries
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Stationary bills
  • Emergency expenditures and many more.

Know that these expenses hold true for both an independent school and a school franchise. But hiring the best school consultants like Shri Educare definitely makes things easy and smooth.

Shri Educare to Your Rescue!

The Arun Bharat Family set up Shri Educare Limited (SEL) in the year 2008.It was launched as a commitment to provide quality education. Since then, it has been at the forefront of engaging in providing advisory/ consultancy services to school franchise and independent schools. If you are planning to start a school, get in touch with Shri Educare right from the beginning. They will guide you through the whole process in a systematic and productive manner. They will help you with the school set up, curriculum set up, staff training, financial feasibility, IT support, marketing support, and HR services. They offer a comprehensive package to make things easy for you.

Planning to open a school? Shri Educare is at your disposal, rightly so.


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