Inspiring Students Through Fab Foundation’s Fab Labs

Each and every innovation within education is an inspiration for student community because its ultimate aim is to create, collect and share knowledge in different forms. Here, modern education provides high priority to the inculcation digitally oriented tools, instructional strategies and learning experiences to the student community. As the whole world is undergoing a rapid digital transformation in different fields of knowledge, education cannot set back and keep idle within outdated and ineffective instructional concepts. Besides, international collaboration within education, disregarding national and international boundaries, is the most important function of the universalization of education. So, let us go through what the Fab Foundation offers to the international student community in the name of Fab Labs.

Inspiring Students Through Fab Foundation Fab Labs
Inspiring Students Through Fab Foundation Fab Labs

The Fab Foundation’s self-motivating educational initiative named as Fab Lab or Fabrication Laboratory envisions to empower individuals including students to make use of their technical know how to create innovative smart devices to meet personal and community needs within their limited circle.  To be specific, some gifted students with deep interest in DIY (Do It Yourself), 3D Printing, and similar technologically and technically oriented unique ideas, but no technical support to accomplish their tasks due to personal reasons. Within this scenario, access to a Fab Lab can help that student to unleash technical and technological craftsmanship.

Similarly, students/learners who are interested in conducting experiments and testing research findings find it difficult to conduct experiments and testing owning to less technical expertise and economic burden. If the student is able to gain access to a Fab Lab, it is easier to conduct experiments and test research findings. Within this scenario, educational institutions can seek help from the Fab Labs authorities to help their students because the primary aim of Fab Foundation provides the student community with the chance to get access to technological innovation in different fields of knowledge.

School/college/university authorities must be aware of the fact that Fab Labs can redefine the future of their student community because conducting scientific experiments in real time situations is a time-consuming process with a high economic burden. So, there is a provision to link school/college/university complexes with Fab Labs and learners can make use of the same to apply their technical know-how in a practical sense. Even single visit to a Fab Lab can change the attitude of the learners towards science and technology. For instance, a learner who is interested in 3D printing can have technical know-how from different sources, but practical experience is limited to the scenario of a well-equipped lab. This problem can be easily overcome with the help of a Fab Lab.

Students may be familiar with open-source software/hardware, another technologically oriented modern movement named as open source code, maker culture, etc. Fab Lab is similar to the aforementioned movements, but with a few differences. When the technological background with the technical know-how is provided to a person who is interested in it, the end result may be innovative inventions in the field of science and technology. One can see that mere textbook-based learning strategies cannot help a curious and gifted leaner to go beyond the limits of school/college based instructional strategies. Besides, classroom-based instructions are with basic limitations within the same because it does not help a learner to create knowledge on his or her own. Within this scenario, the Fab Lab can be considered an innovative initiative similar to the open source code movement.

For a learner who is interested in technological innovation, Fab Lab offers several manufacturing types of equipments, let us go through a few. The first equipment is a 3D printer which is capable to help the learners to have real-time experience in dealing with a 3D printer. The next equipment:  3-axis CNC machines to help the learners to indulge in engineering works, primarily backed up with computing. The next equipment is a workstation to test the condition of various electronic equipment. One can see that equipment to cut different metallic objects is an integral part of an unconventional lab. So, a Fab Lab will be equipped with different types of cutters to help the learners to cut different objects to learn more about the same and to make new things.

So, the initiative by the Fab Foundation is really innovative and most helpful for the learners because it helps the learners to learn new things and to conduct experiments based on their technical know-how. In the modern world, it is difficult to create a monopoly over information and related knowledge because there are different sources to collect and store the same. But there are fewer opportunities to conduct experiments and invent new things, and the Fab Lab is most helpful for student community to attain the same by gaining instant access to the nooks and corners to the ongoing technological revolution.


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