Not one but in numerous ways, it has proven to be beneficial for all the students around the world. It serves as a teacher for the children as it is one solution and answer to so many endless queries. The Internet can be used for vast purposes and you can get knowledge and information you want to get your subject, education, institution, etc. Not only for educational purposes but for many other purposes to children resort to the internet. There are millions and millions of benefits of using the internet. This is commonly considered as the bone of contention between the younger and the older generation specifically young children and their parents. Yes, it has deteriorated the mindset of the young children quite badly but we must also not forget that in how many ways it is helping kids develop overall, learn and expose their brains to so many wonderful things.

How Internet is Beneficial to Children
How Internet is Beneficial to Children

Some other benefits of the internet for the students/children and the younger generation are:

The study from the Relevant Material

The Internet has a sea of knowledge to offer. Students get all sort of information from the internet. From general knowledge, current affairs to solving certain queries, the internet is the solution for all. The big universities have now in today’s fast-paced world come up with the ideas and solutions to provide education and knowledge to the people sitting in different parts of the world with the help of the internet. This has proven as a huge advantage for the students worldwide as they get to understand the video sessions, lectures without the need to spend anything. Not only for the student but also for the teachers it has proven of great help.

Helpful Researching

Research leads to creativity and innovation. Hey Millennials! Do you remember the time a long time back when we had to go through a million books and notes to find the solution to our queries, browsing through the endless pages? The struggle was real back then. Now, education has taken a full cartwheel turn. Yes, simply with a few clicks one can satiate one’s curious brain to know and learn more. No joking! Children these days do not rely on the elders to gain knowledge as the internet helps them in every way possible. There are websites, videos, articles and whatnot that give free tutorials to the people who are interested in it.


To stay ahead, learned and informed in the competitive world one must have good knowledge of what is happening out there. No matter in which filed or what kind of job one is doing the knowledge is very important. One needs to be a rounder to get somewhere in life and achieve something. Knowledge of current affairs and GK acts as the building block for a child’s future. And, the news is something that is the perfect blend and amalgamation of all the things that are constructive to build the career of a child. From news on technology, health, life, politics, sports the knowledge of the latest happenings gives kids the edge over anybody and everybody else. It is so easy to gain knowledge nowadays; with just the click of the finger, one can access the news and information from everywhere. There are online websites from where everyone can access national English news, international news, not in one but many national and local languages too. Like if you are from Punjab and prefer reading news in the Punjabi language then Indian national news of Punjab in Punjabi. Isn’t that great?


These days what is required and expected the most out of the children is to act smart in every situation and condition in life. So, for that children need to be introduced to the bigger picture of the world that gives them the knowledge and helps them expose to all things going around them.

Yes, the internet has been proven dangerous for not only the young children but also for the destructive brains of the adult. But, we cannot also deny the fact that it has time and again it has proved itself useful. Now, it depends upon you how you are introducing the internet to your child!

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