School Health Services and Their Importance

Schools play a very important role in children’s learning abilities, mental and physical development. As a child turns three or four, he is being admitted into a school where he spends almost ten to twelve hours of the days. The physical and social environment of every school needs to be healthy because this is an institute which influences the lives of thousands of people. Schools build personalities and shapes thoughts of children. Therefore, the staff, the environment and learning methods all need to be healthy and encouraging.

School Health Services and Their Importance
School Health Services and Their Importance

Schools are the place where kind of a community exists that contains every age group people. Therefore, it is needed to introduce a proper health system where an emergency can be handled, first aid is available, and diseases like viruses can be prevented from spreading.

Professional Assignment Writing Service research shows that students perform better in schools when they are physical, emotionally and mentally healthy. So, developing healthy school environment enables students to achieve success not only in the classroom, academics but beyond it.

What do school health services mean?

School health services were focused upon when lack of interest in studies and poor performances grades were noticed by the educational institutes. The research was conducted to study the reason and the major reason that surfaced was a poor health condition of the students.

School health services deal with the curative, preventive and primitive aspects of health in the school environment. The aim was to focus upon the health of students and improve it, especially of those children who cannot afford treatments. So, in the beginning, it was only about the treatment of the disease, rather than preventing it. But later in the twentieth century, many other health-related things were focused upon.

What do school health services mean
What do school health services mean

Importance of school health services:

 As we have already discussed that a healthy environment of schools contributes to developing healthy and successful new generation. This has become possible by the joint efforts of the health department and education department. The school health services basically refer to the learning experiences of health that takes place in schools. It gradually makes a child realise the importance of health and make him aware of health issues.

Now we will discuss why these school health services are important for our children in this section.

  • School health services or programs make students aware of their health and needs. They promote the lifestyle of students through correct health concepts and behavioural patterns. This way a child is enabled to make the best possible choices for his life and well being.
  • The health of school-aged children is always at risk as they are super active. They are always on the go, never care about their hunger, physical condition or other problems. They also are at greater risk because they can easily catch viral diseases from their schoolmates. School health services are important because the team makes sure that children are physically fit, well and are learning properly. They also play an important role in taking care of those children who were deprived of their early health care because of some reason.
  • As school children are not that mature to figure out their health issues such as infections, hearing and visual disabilities, and other deficiencies. Most of the time these are the reasons behind a child’s poor academic performance but their health is taken for granted. Rather, they are listed as dull and nonserious students and are scolded and ignored badly.

The school health services ensure good health of all the students. They also provide lessons on basic health and nutrition for children awareness.

  • School health services have also developed a sense of social, economical and gender equality in students. As children with poor health or disabilities were not able to perform well in their schools, are now being encouraged by the team and they have already achieved success. The girls were mostly at a disadvantage as compared to boys. But now gender, class or social status doesn’t matter as every child is trained to prove himself by his own talents only.
  • The school health services not only focus on the health of the child but his family as well. They train him to pass on the things he learned at school to his family members and community. The students are also encouraged to participate in different national health programs.

When a child is physically and mentally fit, he will definitely be able to gain more knowledge, think about his skills and talents, and participate in extracurricular activities. He will also show a positive attitude toward challenging and disturbing situations.

Author’s biography:

Ellie Singh is the author of this article. She is currently a medical student and is conducting researches on health related issues.


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