Your Child’s First Day of Preschool

It will be an exciting and emotional event for the whole family when your child goes to pre-school for the first time. For children the reality of starting ‘school’ can be a scary yet highly anticipated event and as a parent, the thought of sending your child off to pre-school could well be slightly traumatic.

To help children transition from life in the family, or a child care centre, to school – preschools are a necessary step. Pre-school programs are designed to develop children’s communication, problem-solving and thinking skills and to familiarize them with the routines and rhythms of school life.

Your Child's First Day of Preschool
Your Child’s First Day of Preschool

The importance of teaching children independence and giving them the confidence to ask for what they want or need in a classroom environment, is always emphasized here at the best playschool in west Delhi.

With a little preparation and planning prior to the big day you can help ensure your child’s first day at pre-school is a positive and rewarding experience for all of you.

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Keep the below tips in mind:

Provide Expectations

The preschool years are the ideal time to lay the foundation for learning because young children are naturally curious, active and eager to try new things. Explain social concepts such as waiting in line, teach body parts and count objects in your environment before the first day. It will help build more confidence for your child. You can also ask your nanny to help out by talking about these concepts.

Check on your feelings

We all know that children pick up on things easily. Your child going to preschool is a big step, often signifying to parents that their child is growing up. They may believe that they should feel sad or worried as well and that going to school is a bad thingif they feel that you are sad or worried. So send out good vibes when your child goes to the best preschool in Dwarka, Delhi.

Visualize the Day

Your child is likely to feel more empowered and less likely to be upset by surprises on the first day by thinking about what might come next for school. Remember to come up with many different scenarios so she or he won’t be surprised if it’s not what was expected and encourage your child to imagine what school might be like.

Create a book about the day as you take this a step further. With each page showing a different thing that can happen from drop-off to pick-up -draw a fun book with your child. You can also ask the daycare teachers at the best playschool in west Delhi for some advice here.

Pay Attention to the Body

What can make or break a child’s day is sufficient sleep, water and protein. Remember to talk to your child about being aware of what’s happening in his/her body while you’re busy getting clothes and backpacks in line. Make them realize that they usually feel better after a nap, snack or drink and that, when they are hungry or thirsty, they tend to get cranky.

Plan the Night Before

Rather than rushing in the morning to pack lunches and pick out clothes, you should have your preschooler help you with these tasks the night before. They can help grab snacks to include in their lunch boxand pick out what they are going to wear.

Get on Schedule

Practice wake-up time the week before they start going to the best preschool in Dwarka, Delhi. Help them get used to the new schedule by setting the alarm for when your child will need to wake for preschool before.


Your little one should have the energy to tackle a new environment- getting plenty of sleep is important. Make sure your child is going to bed at a reasonable time and waking up around the time that they will need to be getting up for preschool, startingthe week before the first day. Sleep is so important for your child’s growth, learning, and mood when they start going to the best playschool in west Delhi.

Take a Field Trip

Families should take a trip to visit the school. If it’s a place where they will be spending a large part of their day-transitioning can be tricky for young ones. By scheduling a tour or any other options the school may offer, get them as familiar with their new school as possible. Schedule a play date with a fellow student who lives nearby or attend special events that the school is holding.

Be Early

To allow for one-on-one time with the teacher and time to get acquainted with the room when it’s still calm and quiet- drop off your preschooler a few minutes early.


Prepare kids for the next one by asking your child to report back to you after the first day has gone by at best playschool in west Delhi. Remember to ask for a report of what happens that: makes them laugh, is surprising, confusing, silly, kind, etc. You can also ask your nanny to talk about these things if she will be picking your child up from preschool.

By helping to start your child’s educational career off right, these tips will make for an easier first day of preschool. Our center is there for you if you are looking for the best preschool in Dwarka, Delhi! To nurture your child and get them ready for elementary school – we have the best programs!


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