ADHD in Children: When to visit the Paediatrician

Is your child inattentive at home and school? Is his behaviour impulsive or bordering on disruptive? Do not ignore the signs or put it down to mere childishness. There could be an underlying health condition that the child is not able to convey to you in words.

ADHD in Children: When to visit the Paediatrician
ADHD in Children: When to visit the Paediatrician


ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a psychological condition that effects one in five children in the world.  Diagnosing ADHD is not easy as the symptoms of ADHD are seen similar to a number of other diseases. Therefore, if you think that your child is showing behaviour similar to that shown by kids with ADHD, it is best to visit a good pediatrician to get a consultation.

Paediatricians nowadays use advanced technology to diagnose and treat their patients. They are using the best paediatric emr software to diagnose illnesses and provide effective care and therapy. Since there is no one all encompassing test to diagnose ADHD, doctors usually try to make a diagnosis based on a series of physical and psychological tests. They also take feedback from the parents, teachers, peers and neighbours of the child to have a better understanding of the child’s behavioural problems. If the doctor feels the need, he may even perform a none invasive brain scan of the child.

Some of the common symptoms and signs displayed by children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are

  1. They can not sit still for a period of time, they are constantly moving or shuffling their feet.
  2. They fidget a lot
  3. They have trouble paying attention to instructions and following them
  4. They find it hard to keep quite. They often talk too much and are quarrelsome.
  5. They tend to be disruptive in nature, they are prone to talking back and intrude on other people during discussions.
  6. They are easily distracted
  7. They find it hard to finish tasks assigned to them.

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Once diagnosed, it is important to follow the treatment prescribed by your paediatrician religiously.  The treatment usually combines drugs and therapy. It is advisable to use the combination of both to treat the child rather than relying solely on drugs because research has shown that therapy works wonders on kids with attention deficit disorders.

Paediatric centres have seen a drastic improvement in their treatment processes in India in the past few decades. Healthcare technology companies like Tenwave have devised child specifichospital management software andbest paediatric emr software that provides ease of use and eliminates unnecessary stress. Paediatric centres are rapidly moving towards fully automatic EMR services as it provides ease of use and better treatment to patients.

Your paediatrician willbe able to save and track your child’s growth patterns, medical condition, treatment course and plan appointments using these specialised EMRs. These days, hospitals use technology to send regular alerts to patients about their medications and appointments, this will keep you up to date about your child’s progress.Children keep growing at a fast rate all through childhood, as such, their vital statistics keep changing,this can lead to the arising of many complications that are paediatric specific. Therefore, keeping paediatric specific EMR at clinics is essential for streamlining and keeping track of the latest developments regarding the child’s health.

Paediatricians should use the best paediatric EMR software when dealing with kids with conditions like ADHD as it will require them to keep extensive records of the child’s past medical history, present condition, his school schedule, his daily schedule, therapy, medications, the present course of treatment and the prescribed future course of treatment in addition to many extraneous notes relating to the child’s behaviour and issues.

Types of ADHD

As ADHD is of various types, it is important to understand the type of ADHD a child is suffering from, before starting medication. ADHD is basically of three types

  1. Hyperactive or impulsive type
  2. Inattentive type
  3. Combine type(having both hyperactive and inattentive types)

Various child safe medications are available in the market for ADHD that help in mitigating the symptoms. These are basically of two types- psychostimulants and none stimulant medications. When combined with the righttherapy, these medications have shown great results and helped many children spend a happy childhood.

Apart from medication, it is important to help the child in dealing with his behavioural issues. This can be done with the help of behavioural educational programs, social skills training and one on one therapy sessions with a doctor specialising in child psychology.

Not all medications suit every child. Your paediatrician may have to try different combinations of medication and therapy before selecting the proper course of medication for your child. Having a strong support system in the form of friends, care givers and family is specially helpful in such a situation.

It is tough to bring up a child with behavioural disorders but you are not alone. The right medication along with a strong support system and therapy can help your child overcome his issues and lead a successful childhood.


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