Best team building summer activities for preschoolers

A beautiful summer day is a motivation enough to get outside and play with your preschooler. And, whether you realize it or not, games and activities that are staples of summer — playing catch, jumping rope and pumping on a swing — can go a long way. These can help your child develop important physical abilities like eye-hand coordination and gross and fine motor skills as you enroll your child in a play school in Dwarka.

Best team building summer activities for preschoolers
Best team building summer activities for preschoolers

So slather on some sunscreen and get ready to try some of these summer activities for preschoolers which they will love.

Benefits of Team Building Games

Most preschoolers are filled to the brim with curiosity about the world and the desire to learn. Important life skills such as teamwork, creative thinking and cooperation should be introduced at this time. They may be too young to grasp such concepts through theoretical learning so learning by doing is an excellent way to impart these skills at this age.

For building self-esteem, group games are also great. Kids learn more about their capabilities and stretch themselves to achieve goals that they may have thought unattainable through such activities. The self-confidence that they gain through successfully completing team building games can transfer over to other aspects of their lives such as school, extra-curricular activities and family.

In a good play school in Dwarka, they get to develop their social skills which are another benefit of team building activities. To attain the desired result, team building games typically require participants to work closely together. During the course of a group game, kids learn how to communicate, articulate their ideas and compromise with others.

Make the Outdoors Your Canvas

Art projects take on a greater magnitude outside. Help your child to create — hopscotch boards, race tracks, a storefront and more with sidewalk chalk and paint. Draw faces and clothing on the empty forms as you practice tracing one another. Got an old easel in the garage? Drag it outside for an al fresco art show with the little ones.

Let them paint, color and create to their heart’s content without the worry of a mess to clean up.

Jump Rope

Chances are your little one won’t be able to jump rope until she’s about 5 or 6, but that doesn’t mean she can’t try. Start off with the basics — just jumping. Jumping over cracks in the sidewalk, rocks on the driveway, into puddles or off of curbs, even on one foot is something kids love.

Lay the rope flat on the ground at first and have her jump over it, eventually raising it slightly off the ground as you introduce the rope. Be careful not to make it too high, you don’t want her to trip and fall.

Add the jump rope to the mix, having her step over it at first and eventually jumping – when she’s ready.

Play Catch

Playing with a ball offers all sorts of opportunities for kids to utilize different skill sets, whether she throws, catches or kicks. Until they hit about age 5, kids don’t master catching and throwing. It takes a little while to develop eye-hand coordination here. In any case, it’s fun to practice such activities in any play school in Dwarka.

Use balls of different sizes or even beanbags and take turns throwing and catching. Don’t use a ball that is too hard. As you start off close together, move farther apart gradually.

Kicking: Play around with balls of different sizes and degrees of hardness. When he kicks, encourage your child to switch feet. Keep running and dribbling the ball up and down the yard.

Hula Hoop

Admittedly, using a Hula Hoop the way it was designed to be played with can be frustrating for a preschooler when he/she goes to a play school in Dwarka. Offering your little one a chance to develop physical skills, there are a lot of ways to play with a hula hoop. Some examples are here:

Toss bean bags into Hula Hoops that are staggered around your yard. You will see what types of adventures he takes you on – just encourage him to use the Hula Hoop as a steering wheel!

On a pathway, lay a bunch of Hula Hoops side-by-side. Now make your preschooler jump, skip, hop on one foot or even crawl between them. Using hoop holders, grownups or other children, hold hoops up so kids can crawl through the hoops like a tunnel.

Giants, Wizards and Dwarfs

Size of group: Minimum 10

An interesting one, this activity is a bigger version of rock, paper, scissors combined with tag. Meeting in the middle where they perform the action on the command of the facilitator, each team decides on their action for the round. Without being tagged by the other team, the losing team has to run back to their safe zone.

Magnifying a common children’s game into a group activity doubles the fun factor while they also learn how to communicate with their team members in this activity.

Conclusion: Keep it simple for kids!

For kids, as they start going to the best play school In Dwarka, team building games can be a lot of fun! Use simple activities with attainable goals and play up the fun factor in the activity to ensure that the kids are participating and engaged.


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