Let your child play, enjoy, and learn at Sanskriiti – the best daycare in Gurgaon

Sanskriiti pre school in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, ‘The Nest’ offers fun activities that focus on learning and the overall development of children. At this centre, we believe in educating children by encouraging them to anticipate and solve problems that can’t be predicted. We provide an environment where children learn to ask questions and find the right answers. The innovation in learning is what makes all the difference at Sanskritti. They use various innovative tools which make learning fun for the children.

Why Play schools:

Play School plays a very important role in modern day education. It prepares the children for formal education in a school. Children are much better prepared for a more disciplined environment of a school when they go to a proper play school. Apart from learning the basics of education such as alphabets and number, children are encouraged to learn from the environment, by group activities and participation. Noting gives a better preparation to a child for formal education than a good play school. At Sanskriiti, our pre school in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, children learn to be more disciplined, learn basic habits and acquire basic knowledge of alphabets.

Social skills: Human beings are social animals and it is important that that get an environment where their social development takes place. Children develop social and motor skills in a play school. A good playschool also develops the emotional aspect of a child.

Language skills: Psychologists and language experts believe that children better develop their language skills when they are in a group. Good playschools like Sanskriiti gives that social environment to the children which help in the development of their language skills. Children learn to pay attention to what the teacher is saying.

Development of brain: Children learn to solve puzzles which develops their power to think logically. Good playschools like Sanskriiti help children develop their thinking skills. They learn to solve complex problems.

Sanskriiti pre school in Palam Vihar Gurgaon caters to the modern-day parents who want the best care for their child even when they are away from home. Our facility reinforces the fact that every child has infinite potential and by providing the correct tools and nurturing, we can help them live to their potential. Our educators ensure that all facets of child development are taken care of so that your child grows into a confident, happy, inquisitive, friendly, ingenious and eloquent individual.

Why choose Sanskriiti?

There is an abundance of playschools in Gurgaon but what sets Sanskriiti apart from the others is the unique approach to imparting day care services and dedicated staff members who take earnest care of your children. We are happy to help employed parents raise a healthy and smart child by attending to the emotional needs and learning requirements of young children.

Here is what makes ‘The Nest’ the number one play school in Palam Vihar Gurgaon:

  • We focus on strengthening key mental processes and emotional control instead of merely disseminating information. We aspire to take young minds from understanding and learning to application and develop their reasoning skills in the process.
  • The best day care in Gurgaon is focused on developing emotional intelligence in children. We have designed our processes to stimulate basic thinking process and encourage children to not only solve a problem but also remember the solution to the problem. Our services are delivered in a supportive environment that is an ideal combination of playing, learning, and happiness.
  • Our objective is to foster social skills and elementary knowledge in children so they get ready for their future learning. The children attending our play school in Palam Vihar Gurgaon grow up into more confident and outstanding learners.
  • The best daycare in Gurgaon assures that your children are in safe hands when you leave them with us for a major part of the day. In order to help you watch over the activities that your child enjoys during the day, we have installed CCTVs at all major points in the school. You can keep a check on how your child is being treated and how he/she is doing during the day even from your office via the live streaming links shared by our team.

If you are looking for a play school in Palam Vihar Gurgaon, you have just found the best school in the region. We never compromise on the safety of the child and the quality of services provided.  ‘The Nest’ daycare centre is suitable for children of all ages, beginning with children as young as 18 months. We promise to deliver the best kindergarten program in Gurgaon and take extremely good care of your little ones.


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