Online Entry Test Preparation- a productive source to get into Desired Universities

On-campus learning was the only tool we had back in the early 2000s and students needed it for preparation of entry tests. For a time, academies were something students had to pin their faith on- no ifs, and or buts about it.

Big thanks to the advancement in technology over the past few years, we now have wonderful stand-ins to access all the interesting things we know and learn. Same goes for the entrance test preparation as well. Lots of online courses and platforms are available all hours of the day which excitingly cater to the needs of almost every kind of learner. If I am being brutally honest, one of the big advantage of online learning offers to the students is the peace of mind and ease of access. Be it online entry test preparation or in-depth research about a specific topic, online learning hits the nail on the head. Spot on.

Online Entry Test Preparation
Online Entry Test Preparation

Entrance test- the big trouble for the students

The candidates hoping to get into top-ranked medical and engineering universities have to take on the entry tests organized by the universities. There is no denying the fact that achieving a big score in entry test is not a child’s play. Students have to take some serious measures to win tremendous grades in the entrance test. In-depth knowledge, conceptual reasoning and above all, consistent attitude are something really, really necessary to win yourself a seat in well-reputed universities and colleges.

How academies these days have become a poor tool for entry test preparation?

No doubt, academies have shown off impressive results over the past decade. Be that as it may, the main focus of academies these days is to fill up their accounts without giving the utmost care to the career of students ahead. For this reason, online platforms have taken guards on the ground. Due to the short span between the intermediate exams and entry tests, it becomes hellish for the student to take on the in-depth preparation. As a result, all they want is complete or at least adequate preparation to put big score on the board. But, due to outdated methodology and insufficient care being given in the academies, students at the end of the day find their selves in a big mess and eventually got failed even they have put up with the big dues asked by the academies.

Keeping a close eye on the problems which students have to put up with along the way, online platforms are changing the ways students prepare for entry tests. Let’s delve deeper into how online learning is paving the way for students wanting to take admission in medical and engineering universities. Let’s get into this:

Easy access to learning material

Entry test preparation through online platforms is super easy- no two ways about it. Having the learning material at hand is something really, really beneficial for students. With that, there is no fixed time schedule that candidates have to put up with. That said, they can study anytime, anywhere without saying goodbye to their quotidian tasks. Be it your favourite room or playground nearby, it’s possible to study wherever you feel comfortable.

The e-learning doesn’t disturb students’ extra-curricular activities or all other routine tasks. The preparation material is provided in an amicable way and is open for all the students. Any entry test aspirant is given access to all chapters’ lectures, multiple choice questions, test sessions and full-length practice exams so that students can do the preparation in the best possible manner. The only thing students need is a stable internet connection and the job is done straight away.


All students are not able to afford massive fees demanded by the academies. And the attention-grabbing point is, all this doesn’t end here. Academies keep on asking dues in the name of notes, practice test sessions, quizzes and what students get at the end of the day is a long list of payables. That’s something really exasperating. Keeping in view all these situations, most of the students couldn’t even develop their focus in studies. But wait, there is always a solution for every problem and in this case, online learning comes to assist you all in all. Gone are the days of obsolete learning approaches rather everyone is looking for some novel approach and here’s where online learning catches us.

Students are now able to prepare in a way much better than the traditional way of entry tests preparation. I mean, just spending a few bucks and learning by the lectures of renowned professors; that’s what we call productive source these days. No need to get disappointed by the long list of payables from the conventional academies. Whoa!

Self-paced learning

Self-paced learning is appropriate for all types of students as different people have different learning styles and modes. Some students wish to go through the same learning material multiple times, and thus need more time for completing a subject. On the flip side, some aspirants get done with a subject at a very fast pace. In the same way, the learning and comprehension capability of every student is different. Students who want to complete a subject vigorously don’t need to wait for others; whereas those who need more time to get proficiency over the content can do it at their own pace.

In a classroom, there are many chances of distractions for the students, however, with self-paced learning students preferably learn only at a time when there is least or no distraction which gradually leads them to effective learning. Students find it is easier to balance work and home life by learning at their own pace and not get frustrated over deadlines and class timetables. In addition to being flexible and opportune, online entry test preparation platforms are open around the clock so students can access their relevant course information any time of the day.

Sense of Responsibility

The online learning arises the sense of responsibility in a student. When everything is at hand of the student, he/she makes own time table to accomplish preparation. This makes a student responsible and as soon as you are responsible, you won’t postpone a task because it makes you uncomfortable, or it is something you really don’t want to do.  Students start living up to the promises they make, not just to others, but to themselves as well.

Being responsible means students learn to manage the time in order to accomplish the preparation but at the same time, they shouldn’t take on so much that makes them overwhelmed. When you start taking responsibility, all of the power to progress and succeed lies with you. When you blame others, you have no strength to change future conditions since you permit yourself to believe that other people need to change for things to improve. And that’s the thing that can ruin your entire life. But, through online learning, you get this gem free of cost. That’s a given.

Skillful and experienced professors

Yes, highly experienced and dedicated teachers are a matter of life-and-death for the students preparing entry tests. This is due to the reason that students may encounter lots of ambiguities along the way and only an experienced teacher can drive them out of this catch-22. Online platforms have got highly skilled and motivated teachers in the network who are available 24/7 for the students. If a specific question or topic is troubling a student, he can straight away throw it to the online professors who will respond instantly and make the worries of aspirants go away. The professors at online platforms are easily accessible, unlike the traditional academies where lots of students ask questions and teachers are not able to answer every student in a productive way.

What do we say?

Well, it goes without saying that the preparation of entry test is not a piece of cake. Yes, it takes some elbow grease in order to put a big score on the board when it comes to entrance test preparation. After all, you can’t make an omelet without smashing a few eggs.

Academies are a poor tool for preparation of entry tests these days as their only focus is to make money and that’s that. And in order to put up with this, students have to pay through the nose. Not only that, student waste lots of their precious hours in traveling from their home to the places and it further increases the overall cost and even so the results are up in the air. Online learning is a lifesaver in all this nasty situation. With the help of online platforms, students can now prepare for entry tests online in a way far better than that of outdated traditional academy preparation. That’s how online preparation of entry tests in Pakistan is changing the future of the towering majority of students.


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